Since the beginning of recorded history, people have needed to measure and map the world about them. Surveyors are the professional experts in land measurement, land information and the management of these and land in general. Surveying is the vital link in the process, which transforms ideas into plans, and plans into reality. We are taking much pleasure in introducing our company to you in these opportunities.

Our Company,

                            CHAUDHERY BROTHERS

has established in February 1987 with the business activities, which is developing the key industries based on creating more affluent and comfortable life circumstances through the high tech engineering services. We as being establish enterprises engaged in Survey, Mapping, Geo-Technical Investigation and Design of Public and private projects and Sales, Service, Training of surveying mapping equipments, Software. Adequately staffed & abundantly equipped for Works of any Magnitude, We claim to have Special ingenuity in the field of:-

  • Cadastral Surveying
  • Engineering Surveying
  • Geo-Technical Investigation Surveys
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Land Information System
  • Data Processing
  • Sales of Survey, Mapping, Design Hardware - Software 

Our Role on Key Survey & Mapping GIS Projects in Pakistan / Saudi-Arabia since 1987 as under: -


  • Topography & Contouring                        : Projects Completed      33421 Acres.
  • As-Built Survey                                  : Projects Completed        254 Acres.
  • Drainage Survey                                 : Projects Completed         178 K.M.
  • Factories Survey                                 : Projects Completed       1732 Acres.
  • Highway Survey                                  : Projects Completed         236 K.M.
  • Housing Survey                                   : Projects Completed       5197 Acres.
  • Power House Survey                             : Projects Completed         183 Acres.   
  • System Mapping Survey                         : Projects Completed         5611 K.M. 
  • OHTL Lines Survey                              : Projects Completed          105 K.M. 
  • Line Mapping & GIS                             : Project Completed        52,000 S.K.M.


     Sales – Service – Training of Survey Equipment & Software